Sunday, October 29, 2006

What Part is Me?

Do any of you watch Gilmore Girls? I do. For all of you Oprah watchers and to put it in slightly polite terms, my Husband likes to call it my Va-J-J show. And it is. I find myself wishing that I could talk that fast and that inteligently at the same time! These girls are a riot. I wish they existed and if they did exist I wish they would be my friends.

Anyway, let's get to the point, shall we? I was watching the show a couple of weeks ago and Loralai started to talk about such a true and intersting topic. (For you non- watchers, Loralai is a single mom of daughter Rory and she is whitty, and quick, and extremely funny.) She is questioning herself. She has a strained reolationship with her all too polite and feminine mother and she asks herself- How much of me is because that is who I am, and how much of me is because I didn't want to be who she wanted me to be. So is this making sense? Anyway, it got me thinking. How much of me is because that is just who I am, and how much of me is because of all of the people around me?

Dad- I got your sensitivity, your organizational skills, your temper that is too quick sometimes ( I can only say that because I do it too!), and your legs!

Mom- I got your zest for life, the perfectionist (nothing we do will ever be good enough for ourselves), and your tiny bones.

Brooke- I got the YELLOW in you, and so many things, who knows? Because you were my best friend and I wanted to be JUST LIKE YOU at a very maleable age! I copied your favorite colors, your music, and your boys. You must know that I truly loved Scott- and Mason too!

Britt- I got your creativity, but in a whole different way. AKA the not quite as good way, but it will do, way! I got your sleeping in habits in high school and the hopeless romantic side of you. I think I love Romeo and Juliet all because of you. Thank you for that. Oh, why, why were they star- crossed?

Kara- I got your athletisiscm toned way down, and I always wanted to be active like you were. I was never as good, or quite as fast, but I can thank my tom boy side to you- and I love that side, so thanks. I like that I understand football, and that going to pro sporting events is my idea of fun and that sometimes I can hold my own with the boys.

Caleb- I got your poetic side and your hyper side. You know Mom got me tested for ADD because we are two peas in a pod, and man do we know how to laugh and have a good time!

And I still try to be more like you guys every single day. So, how much of me is really ME? Truth be known- I have no idea, and I don't really care. I am just glad I got all of these peices of each of you. If I hadn't, maybe I wouldn't have ever danced, or cheered so hard at a game, or been quite as social, or read through Shakespeare. There are too many things that I got from my Mom and Dad to even really go into that- I am who I am because of them. And there is the answer to my question. I am all of them, good and bad, bundled into one ball, and there is a bunch of just pure me in there too I think. The best part though, is that i am happy that I am all of them and unlike Loralai- the part of me that is them makes me happy! Love, love, love you all!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life is Good

Life is good
Went to the dog park today with the baby in the front pack
He loved watching all the dogs
The weather is getting so nice
Had lunch with my Hubby
It was a gross sandwich, but I didn't mind
I was with Him
Dishes are done
Baby is aleep
He looks so sweet sleeping on his side like that
Still waiting for hubby to come home from a long day at school
I get bored when he's not here
That's a good thing
It means that everything is better with him
Dutch sleeps next to me while I type
He is loyal and smelly and sweet
Halloween decorations are up
I love white pumpkins and warty gourdes
House smells like pumpkin spice
The temperature is just right to open my windows tonight
I can hear the Beatles in the background
Blackbird- My favorite
Caught up with old friends on the phone today
They are good friends
Peace is here
I am blessed to have so much good
Life is good

Bad Luck Charm

Okay. Are you ready for some football? Any of you gals that have a husband that watches ESPN even half as much as mine does will know that song. Yeah, I don't really think that some country singer playing a tune singing about football really makes any sense either... but you have to admit it's a catchy one.

I have been to two Monday night football games in the past couple of weeks. Both times the team that I was cheering for fell short... and lost. It is so sad to root for a team when they don't win. It's like you wish you could have been on the feild helping... cause you know I could make such a big difference to those 400 pound linemen- Right? Anyway, so both of my teams lost. Maybe I am a bad luck charm. I don't think that whole "Lady Luck" thing applies to me. I have just one more football game to go to this season. I will let you know how that one goes. I am hoping for a win.

On the bright side- I had so much fun at the Broncos vs Ravens game in Denver with my sister and brother-in-law. Have I mentioned how cool they are? It's so nice when you have those kinds of friends that you can just say or do anything and they won't be like, "Huh??" (i.e. "Dallas, No.") It's even better when those friends happen to be family. So we went to the game and it was cold- but it was okay because my sister brought a thermos with hot cocoa in it and it was quite tastey and "warmed my insides". And it was rainy but it was okay because Kara and Chris made sure that we were bundled tight with all the fixings- beanies, gloves, sweatshirts, coats, ponchos. And my feet were soaking wet, but I was in good company. We had so much fun. I think you can almost tell just how much fun we had from this picture.



Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Disappearing Memory

Could it be possible that I am losing my memory already? I go through my days experienceing and seeing things thinking- Oh! I will blog about that- that will be great! And now here I am with a spare moment (finally) and not a darn thought on my mind. No memory of all of those great ideas... just...blank. So sad.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My (Oh So) Vain Self


I thought I would show you my (Oh So) Vain self for this months Self Portrait Challenge. VAIN adj 1: Of no real value. Could this definition be more right on? As I am sitting here about to write to you about my vast collection of shoes and lip gloss I am thinking of this gloriously true definition. And yet, the (Oh So) vain part of me does not care that these things have no value. That's why I can truly call myself vain (Synonyms: IDLE, WORTHLESS) about this topic. It is true. One of the truly imperfect parts of me is my love for these ridiculous things. I can tell myself that they are ridiculous, and I can tell myself that these things are "Of no real value", but it still won't matter. I will still love them. And that my friends, I believe would put me in the category of VAIN.

What a terrible word that is. VAIN. I am cringing while writing this because I just don't want to believe it. But my closet will tell you otherwise.


I love my shoes. I don't think I could ever have enough. Red, Blue, Pink, Brown, Yellow. Pumps, Flats, Flip Flops, Slippers, Wedges. Cork, Leather, Canvas, Suede. There is no end to how these boxed treasures can make you feel. Frumpy, Comfy, Sexy, Sporty, Classy, Trendy, Funky, Lovely, Preppie, Grumpy (Those are usually the ones that cause blisters). I just love them. And if that makes me vain- so be it, I guess. My two most recent additions are a pair of black and white hounds tooth wedges courtesy of a gift certificate from Kara for my birthday (Thank You!) and some long wanted UGGS courtesy of my hubby for our anniversary. He really knows how to make a girl smile.

My other (Oh So) vain self exists in my bathroom.


I was getting ready for the day about a week ago standing there blow drying my hair with like 4 products, with Crest Whitening Strips on my teeth (They work in case you were wondering) and Jergens lotion that is supposed to help you look more tan awaiting me. (That doesn't really work in case you were wondering.) I just had to laugh at myself. Is any of this stuff really working? Probably not. Well the Whitening Strips were- but was it really working? I wish I could just be one of those girls that has natural waves and a dark complexion to save myself the grief of the word VAIN, but I'm not.

But at the end of the day, the hair gets messed up, the make up comes off, the teeth get brushed because they smell, and I sit on the couch Al Fresco with my hubby (no shoes allowed). We laugh, and talk about our day, and we eat ice cream late at night, and we share love. Those are the moments when I feel the most beautiful. He allows the best me to be utterly and entirely imperfect in all of my vanity.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


In His Contemplations of what is real, Plato uttered:

"If a baby talks trash in the crib, and nobody is there to hear, did the baby really talk trash?"

450 BC, Greece, Diaposium