Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My (Oh So) Vain Self


I thought I would show you my (Oh So) Vain self for this months Self Portrait Challenge. VAIN adj 1: Of no real value. Could this definition be more right on? As I am sitting here about to write to you about my vast collection of shoes and lip gloss I am thinking of this gloriously true definition. And yet, the (Oh So) vain part of me does not care that these things have no value. That's why I can truly call myself vain (Synonyms: IDLE, WORTHLESS) about this topic. It is true. One of the truly imperfect parts of me is my love for these ridiculous things. I can tell myself that they are ridiculous, and I can tell myself that these things are "Of no real value", but it still won't matter. I will still love them. And that my friends, I believe would put me in the category of VAIN.

What a terrible word that is. VAIN. I am cringing while writing this because I just don't want to believe it. But my closet will tell you otherwise.


I love my shoes. I don't think I could ever have enough. Red, Blue, Pink, Brown, Yellow. Pumps, Flats, Flip Flops, Slippers, Wedges. Cork, Leather, Canvas, Suede. There is no end to how these boxed treasures can make you feel. Frumpy, Comfy, Sexy, Sporty, Classy, Trendy, Funky, Lovely, Preppie, Grumpy (Those are usually the ones that cause blisters). I just love them. And if that makes me vain- so be it, I guess. My two most recent additions are a pair of black and white hounds tooth wedges courtesy of a gift certificate from Kara for my birthday (Thank You!) and some long wanted UGGS courtesy of my hubby for our anniversary. He really knows how to make a girl smile.

My other (Oh So) vain self exists in my bathroom.


I was getting ready for the day about a week ago standing there blow drying my hair with like 4 products, with Crest Whitening Strips on my teeth (They work in case you were wondering) and Jergens lotion that is supposed to help you look more tan awaiting me. (That doesn't really work in case you were wondering.) I just had to laugh at myself. Is any of this stuff really working? Probably not. Well the Whitening Strips were- but was it really working? I wish I could just be one of those girls that has natural waves and a dark complexion to save myself the grief of the word VAIN, but I'm not.

But at the end of the day, the hair gets messed up, the make up comes off, the teeth get brushed because they smell, and I sit on the couch Al Fresco with my hubby (no shoes allowed). We laugh, and talk about our day, and we eat ice cream late at night, and we share love. Those are the moments when I feel the most beautiful. He allows the best me to be utterly and entirely imperfect in all of my vanity.


Blogger emma jo said...

The definition of Vain is so harsh. Hey, I figure if something makes you happy then it is absolutely worthwhile. My lip gloss is never too far from my current fave smells like strawberries and I feel pretty as long as I can still smell it!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

I once had hair extensions--now there's a good story about vanity...listen, my eyebrows are tattooed (word to the fair-headed sistahs), and I am wearing Deisels on my feet (thanks, mom). I know what's "really" important in life too, but all I can think of right now is how I wish you had put more pictures of your cute self in all those cute clothes and shoes and whatnot! (p.s. thanks for the tip on the Crest strips)

9:00 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

Awesome! ha ha

9:48 AM  
Blogger brittany said...

I love this. vain and beautiful.

Even when my checks are bouncing, I can go put on some cute shoes and some lip gloss and feel a little better about myself. Hmmm. I must be vain too.

6:53 PM  

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