Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here Comes Santa Clause

Today my friend Jillian and I went to this fun little thing. There are some cute stores on the main street in town and they were having a little benefit to help raise money to find a cure for children's Diabetes. There were crafts for the kiddies, (obviously our little ones did not partake!) and there was watery hot cocoa, and Margaritas (Man those hit the spot..ha ha). Anyway- the part that we really went for was Santa- "Arizonas Best Santa" to be precise! My little man just loved Santa- well mostly he just wanted to pull on his beard- but he looked pretty darn cute doing it- and Santa didn't seem to mind either.

My Little Man Smiling for Santa
He has been a good boy this year- well, at least the half of it that he has been alive for!

They are totally into it- can't you tell?

Sorry about the bad quality of the picture- they took the pictures for us, and they were not very good quality to begin with and then I topped it off with the good ole' scanner... After all- We weren't there for quality pictures- we were there for charity. Right, Jill?

3-Day Fall

Fall is such a beautiful season. It's definitely one of my favorite seasons. Fall comes and when it does, it enwraps the life around it. Fall brings so many things for us. New beginnings- nature becomes bare, to take a break and to later blossom and bare fruit for us once again in the spring. Fall brings the cold- a time to bundle up and become a home body. Time to drink cocoa and cider, time to snuggle up in blankets, and time to start wearing socks again. Fall brings excitement. The nostalgia of the upcoming holidays. School children get back into the swing of things and they will all too soon be ready for another break. The fall is such a wonderful time. Sometimes it brings the first snow. It usually has that one last hot day- the one that came out of no where- summer peeking in again, reminding us to look forward to next year, and it's new summer journeys. The fall symbolizes a full circle for me.

As I already wrote, over Thanksgiving we went home to California. When I left Arizona, it was 80 degrees. It was becoming annoying and I was so ready for my beloved fall to come. When I came back on Sunday it was all of a sudden cold- in the 50's. (That is cold for here folks.) And yesterday as I left Safeway with a Starbucks peppermint hot cocoa in my hand, I suddenly realized that I missed it. I missed the fall. Fall is always too short here, but this year was a whole different story. We must have had a 3-Day Fall, and it was on the 3 days that I was absent. The leaves never fell, they don't do that here- and the colors didn't change- that doesn't happen here either. I am trying to adjust to those details... But I always get that cooling- the refreshment from the sun, and here, that is our own little way of coming into the fall. Aparently this year it happened without me, and all in just 3 lousy days. So all of the sudden, here I am- tossed into the winter without one bit of preparation. I am truly saddened by this.

I did however get glimpses of other peoples fall this year. I saw the Baltimore leaves at the end of their change, all the people were walking around in their new winter coats. And I saw Northern California's beautiful roots. I do know one thing- nobody knows how to celebrate the fall in all of it's beauty as my mother does- look for yourself. So cheers to you fall. Sorry I missed you this year... Please stay longer next time.

The Baby Enjoying Baltimore

My Moms Living Room

My Moms Family Room

Sunday, November 26, 2006

City Boy

This weekend while visiting my parents in California we went into the city- our city- the city by the bay. San Francisco. Can I just say, I love that city? I do. I love the BART. I love the feel. I love the vendors, the cutures, the hills. I love most things about the city.

My sisters kids were desperatley needing an outing. Any outing- just to get out of the house. So we rode the BART into the city (also Hubby's first ride on BART- I hadn't realized he had never been on it!)


First we hit the Metreon. A huge movie theatre with arcades and virtual bowling. The baby was on overload. His game of choice? Wheel of Fortune!


Next we hit good old Blondies pizza- a great bit of nostalgia- and we even ran into old friends there. After that we went to Union Square to check out the Christmas tree.


I was so proud of my boy. He is a city boy indeed. He did so well! He took a nap on the BART- the best way to ride it, and he just soaked up the city! We were there way past his bedtime but he was such a good boy- because he is a city boy! Always moving, so curious to see this new world. He didn't mind the cold- he is like my dad, always warm.


He loved the Christmas tree in Union Square and he EVEN loved Blondies pizza! He kept eating my crust- licking it up as fast as he could. My boy is a city boy- and I couldn't be happier about it. I love the city too...


Having just utterly indulged in a most delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and having seen wonderful family, and wonderful friends, in a wonderful place- I thought that I should be Thankful.

Thankful for Family
Thankful for a Loving Hubby
Thankful for a Sweet Child
Thankful for Eating a First Food on a First Thanksgiving
Thankful for Friends
Thankful for A Puppy
Thankful for Friends Willing to Take Care of a Puppy
Thankful for God
Thankful for my Country
Thankful for Religion
Thankful for Love
Thankful for the Upcoming Holidays
Thankful for Cheer
Thankful for Delicious Food
Thankful for Personal Growth
Thankful for Always Learning
Thankful for a Home
Thankful for My Earth
Thankful for So Much Happiness


Monday, November 20, 2006


My Hero is a man
Far greater than myself
A friend unconditional
A Savior to us all

He walked the earth
Down trodden paths
He spoke soft, gentle words
Followers listened still

He taught of love
He taught of life
He taught of forgivness
From our father up above

You too can be heros
He told these normal people
Just listen to my words
And pray for help each day

Heros leave hope
Heros give dreams
Heros perform miracles
Sometimes Heros have to leave us
to do it on our own

I hold a Hero in my heart
I hold one in my mind
I sing about a Hero divine
I speak to him all the time

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

16 So Soon?


I can see the future in this picture. I see my son as a 16-year old kid. He is saying, "Mom! Dad! Get off me, you are smothering me!"

I never want this day to come... I never want him to make me stop kissing and goobering all over him. I hope that he lets me hold his hand till he is completely grown and long after that. I hope that he lets me hug him as long as I want to forever. I hope that he always looks at me in the same sweet way that he does now.

Is it scary? Is it hard to let them grow up? Is it sad? It happens so fast, I know! Oh, this boy. How do you express love like this? Can anyone tell me? I am not sure that it is possible.

SPC: Glam- POP!


Glam-POP! Too Hot to Touch.


Um- Excuse me- No Paparazzi Please!


Did you think that I got all glammed up and took my little dog out to go shopping with me just so you could take pictures of me? Oh, Please!


Glam-POP! Didi Didi Bop- Funky, Funky.

Disclaimer: This character is no way shape or form represents my party or it's affiliates. This is an alter- ego, glam-pop sister, diva- donna. Captioning made availible by the maker of the following product... Please stay tuned for more.

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