Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My McBaby

This is my babys newest face. He scrunches his face and breathes really fast and loud through his nose when he gets excited or impatient. I wish I could show you a video of it- it's the funniest thing ever. He is my McBaby, because he is so dreamy!



Positively 1,2,3...4

So, one of my New years Resolutions was insipred by Boho Girl this year. She decided to rediscover her sexualtiy. I thought that this was a wonderful resolution. Not to give too much information, but what marriage couldn't use a little more sexuality, spontinaity, and passion? I decided to go for it.

So, our new journey for the new year began- days came and went wonderfully, and all of the sudden I realized, I had lost track of days. What day of the week is it? What is the date today? Until one day... it became crucial to know what day it was. I will positivley remember this day. January 22... I am positive.


Seriously... I litterally mean positive! So, SURPRISE! Surprise to us, surprise to you. Surprise, there is going to be a baby number 2! We are happy, and nervous, and lovingly awaiting this arrival that may come a bit quickley, but until then, we are pacing ourselves. Baby number one has no idea that he is becoming a big brother to baby number two because he understands very little at this point, being only 8 months old, but he is excited because he can tell that we are excited.


And,yes this shirt is huge on him because the smallest size it comes in is a 2T. I don't think that the T-shirt makers expect people to be pulling a "Britney Spears", but hey, we did. And we are excited about it. So here is to New Years Resolutions. And here is to 1, 2, 3...4 and a dog. Even if 3 and 4 are only 15 months apart (YIKES!) and even if I will be a mother of 2 at the ripe young age of 23 (DOUBLE YIKES!). So in preparation, I am trying to convince myself that if anyone has the energy for two tiny people so close in age, that it is me, right? Right. And I already know that I got the best Daddy around who doesn't mind helping and getting involved and loves babies to death, so He will be my saving grace through all if this. We will positivley make a fabulous 4, I am sure.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finally! A Nursery at 8 Months!

It only took me until he was almost 8 months old to actually finish his room, but horray! The long awaited room is finally done! (I was waiting on my chair you see...) So here it is, I am really happy with it. Now all I need to do is put more exciting stuff on his bulletin boards and fill the rest of the picture frames. It is cozy, and soft, and boyish and sweet, just like I wanted it to be and just like my boy!





Please Notice the picture of my cute boy in his Daddys arms in this one. Oh, it is to die for- he was such a tiny man.

Oh, and by the way, my paint isn't messed up- it is striped in glossy & flat paint...


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Has anyone noticed how long I have been reading The Audacity of Hope? Yeah, thats cause I never make the time to actually sit down and read it.

Is anyone else having problems posting blogs because youget too busy reading everyone elses and then by the time you are going to write something you are too tired and figure you should just cute your losses and go to bed?

Did anyone else eat dinner after 9 PM because it was just that kind of day?

I finished (FINALLY) the baby's room today and I love, love, love it! When he isn't sleeping in it I will take some pictures to show it off because i am so happy with how it turned out.

Have you ever been so busy that you can't find enough time to finish anything but at te same time you are so utterly bored?

Does anyone elses husband still play Xbox? Seriously? Seriously... I am so over it. I can only hear him say, "Medic, I need a medic..." so many more times...

If you are like me and reading everyone elses blog, then you should read my friend Marys blog, especially the entry "picture my tree." I really liked it a lot.

Is anyone else having issues being effeicient recently? I don't know what my problem is.

Em- are those really pictures of your closets on the header of your blog? I am DYING to know.

Has anyone ever sold anything on Craigs list before? What do you do when the buyer wants to come see the item? I find that creepy and haven't replied for days... even though it makes perfect sense that they would want to see the chair before they buy it. Hmmm...

Does anyone know of a really good carpet cleaner? It was one of those kinds of mornings the other day and my baby threw his book and the sqaure thing just rolled and rolled until it hit my protein shake and knocked the whole thing over. That really ticked me off because I really wanted to drink it, and that is so my luck that a sqaure item would roll so far. Anyway, now I am ticked because my carpet really smells bad and it is brownish and crusty. Any ideas anyone? I need something here...

Just some dribbles of my thoughts.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slip Away

There are a few places in which I can slip away. Places of fantasy and delight. Places where the baby isn't crying, and I am not sitting on the ground unshowered, and the dirty dishes are no longer sitting in the sink. I love to slip into these places. My husband loves to make fun of me when I "slip". You see, these places are all romatic places, with riveting love stories, and characters that you really feel like you are friends with. Okay so now you get to laugh, because yes, my romantic slip away places are indeed certain movies or TV shows... but who gives? I love to feel things. (Please note: I finally figured out how to do italics on this computer! Hooray for me!) And if I have to slip away into some characters frame of mind to really feel that pain, love, suffering, humiliation, awkwardenss, fear, shear joy... whatever the emotion, then who really cares? I just don't have all of those emotions in my day to day life (believe me, I am not complaining!) but every once in a while I still want to just feel them. So I slip away into my moments of fantasy.

Some of my favorite places to find fantasy? Grey's Anatomy, The Office (you laugh, I know, but nobody can make you feel more embarassed than our dear Michael Scott), Pride & Prejudice, my fellow bloggies, Tuesdays With Maurie bu Mitch Albom. The Hubby was laughing at a conversation that I had with my sister the other day about Isaiah Washington and his recent controversy with T.R. Knight. Should he be kicked off of Grey's? But wait, I like his character! Needless to say, we talked about him as if we truly have some influence on the outcome. We don't, but it is all part of the fantasy.

And can I just end with a note that most of the time feeling other peoples emotions is so much more fun than feeling your own? Not necessarily more beneficial, but definately more fun.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Have An Idea...

I am just going to post some fun pictures because I hvae been gone, none of you have gotten to see my darling boy recently. Here he is...


Just my favorite picture of all time. He was in the bouncer jumping like crazy and just decided to give me the most perfect happy face ever!


Playing with all of his Christmas loot!


Looking like such a boy. Thanks for the shoes Uncle Rocky & Aunt Krystal!


Playing tickle with Daddy. Couldn't you just eat him up? I do it all the time!

So there is my bright idea. If you want to see more bright ideas go to the Sunday Scribbling website, which I would link you to if I knew how to do so on my Mac, but I don't... Grrrr... Such a Love/ Hate relationship!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Best Beauty Tip Ever

I have this friend and she is great. She is my best friend and she always keeps me up to date. She recently shared with me one of (I think) the best kept beauty secrets of all time. This tip is so incredibly wonderful that I think that if you don't know it, then you definitely should! Okay, so if you are anything like me then sometimes you get a little lazy and you just don't feel like going through the whole hair process on a daily basis, but also if you are anything like me, then the day after you just washed and did you hair it is already looking yucky and greasy. Solution? Baby Powder. Just put some baby powder on your hands and run it through your hair at the roots. Do as much or al little as you want and concentrate it onto the particularly greasy looking parts and tada! Your hair looks ten times better, less greasy, and is also more pliable. It is wonderful! For those of you who need the "real thing", you can buy a product made for this purpose made by Bumble and Bumble (sold only at certain hair salons I think...) and they make it colored specifically for blondes, brunettes, or red heads. However, beware because my friend that taught me the trick said that she tried it and then went to the gym and she was sweating brunette and it looked like dirt... Yuck! Anyway, a highly effective technique that I would suggest to anyone, and most of us mommys just have it lying around anyway. Good luck, hope you like it as much as I do!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Wow. How I miss my little bloggie community! Here are 20 reasons that I have been absent from the bloggie world.
1. Christmas
2. Traveling to NH to see my lovely sister and her darling family
3. Traveling to MT for Christmas
4. Traveling to UT for weddings
5. Christmas Cards... these beautiful cursed things... let me explain. When I went to my sisters house and she has a company, Cottage Road Designs, so we made these glorious cards for Christmas and worked really hard on them so I could take them home with me and get them out in time for Christmas. The card includes a DVD slideshow of pictures. So fun right? Right. But then I didn't get the slideshow done before I went out of town and I fooled myself into thinking that I would get it done while I was gone. Yeah, that didn't happen. And then I got an iMAC for Christmas which is amazing, but if you are not used to it, it takes some getting used to. So it took me like 6 days to figure out how to work iMovie HD. Confusing... and I would like to think of myself as semi- computer savvy. Anyway, My cards still haven't gone out because I am currently...
6. Burning 80 copies of my DVDs for my 80 cards!! Never Again! If you ever decided to do a DVD in your Christmas card I would suggest keeping your list decently short so you do not have to spend eons burning disks. Then again that is unless you are extremely efficient with a stop watch like my sister Brooke!
7. Figuring out the computer
8. Trying to get my house organized
9. Arranging and re-arranging furniture in my freshly painted mater bedroom and my babies room. They look cute in case you are wondering- or at least they will whenever I can figure out exactly how I want the furniture and I get everything up on the walls!
10. Catching up on bills
11. Trying to get back to the gym
12. Waiting in hour long lines at the post office
13. Reading Nora Ephrons I Feel bad About My Neck and Other toughts on Being a Woman- hilarious in case you were wondering. A truly funny woman is a scarce thing to find.
14. Thinking about getting RE tested for ADD for my recent inability to be efficient. Yikes. It's bad. They said that I didn't have ADD but I am starting to wonder...
15. Still figuring out my computer- does anyone know how to blog in italics on a MAC? That easy little button just isn't there anymore... whats with that?
16. Taking care of my baby (7 Months is the best age ever! Did you know that? I can't take my eyes off of that cute thing!) and even more so taking care of my Hubby
17. Introducing Solids... which sounded so fun, until I did it and realized it is just time consuming and very messy.
18. Figure out my computer still... How do you link on a MAC? That button is missing too! This stinks!
19. A recent infatuation with the Food Network. Does anybody love Giada as much as I do?
20. Making lots of dinners... Why does it feel like I have been making so many dinners lately? Hmmm. Maybe it is the influence of the Food Network...

Miss you all! Hopefully I will be back soon to tell you of my adventures and to show you pictures of my darling boy.