Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Wow. How I miss my little bloggie community! Here are 20 reasons that I have been absent from the bloggie world.
1. Christmas
2. Traveling to NH to see my lovely sister and her darling family
3. Traveling to MT for Christmas
4. Traveling to UT for weddings
5. Christmas Cards... these beautiful cursed things... let me explain. When I went to my sisters house and she has a company, Cottage Road Designs, so we made these glorious cards for Christmas and worked really hard on them so I could take them home with me and get them out in time for Christmas. The card includes a DVD slideshow of pictures. So fun right? Right. But then I didn't get the slideshow done before I went out of town and I fooled myself into thinking that I would get it done while I was gone. Yeah, that didn't happen. And then I got an iMAC for Christmas which is amazing, but if you are not used to it, it takes some getting used to. So it took me like 6 days to figure out how to work iMovie HD. Confusing... and I would like to think of myself as semi- computer savvy. Anyway, My cards still haven't gone out because I am currently...
6. Burning 80 copies of my DVDs for my 80 cards!! Never Again! If you ever decided to do a DVD in your Christmas card I would suggest keeping your list decently short so you do not have to spend eons burning disks. Then again that is unless you are extremely efficient with a stop watch like my sister Brooke!
7. Figuring out the computer
8. Trying to get my house organized
9. Arranging and re-arranging furniture in my freshly painted mater bedroom and my babies room. They look cute in case you are wondering- or at least they will whenever I can figure out exactly how I want the furniture and I get everything up on the walls!
10. Catching up on bills
11. Trying to get back to the gym
12. Waiting in hour long lines at the post office
13. Reading Nora Ephrons I Feel bad About My Neck and Other toughts on Being a Woman- hilarious in case you were wondering. A truly funny woman is a scarce thing to find.
14. Thinking about getting RE tested for ADD for my recent inability to be efficient. Yikes. It's bad. They said that I didn't have ADD but I am starting to wonder...
15. Still figuring out my computer- does anyone know how to blog in italics on a MAC? That easy little button just isn't there anymore... whats with that?
16. Taking care of my baby (7 Months is the best age ever! Did you know that? I can't take my eyes off of that cute thing!) and even more so taking care of my Hubby
17. Introducing Solids... which sounded so fun, until I did it and realized it is just time consuming and very messy.
18. Figure out my computer still... How do you link on a MAC? That button is missing too! This stinks!
19. A recent infatuation with the Food Network. Does anybody love Giada as much as I do?
20. Making lots of dinners... Why does it feel like I have been making so many dinners lately? Hmmm. Maybe it is the influence of the Food Network...

Miss you all! Hopefully I will be back soon to tell you of my adventures and to show you pictures of my darling boy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything Giada makes looks delicious...enough so that I might forgive her anorexia nervosa. Ok, that was harsh, but she totally has the "big-head-narrow-shoulders" characteristic that often accompanies the skinny mom-on-speed.
Good luck with those solids, and stick with it (bc if you don't feed him CPS will take him away).
Welcome back!

6:59 PM  
Blogger brittany said...

I have missed you.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE GIADA!! All the things she makes are so easy and include minimal ingredients which is a must for me.

Don't get distressed about the blogging on a MAC thing. 1st- Start the computer over in the PC mode (the beauty of the new IMAC) that way you can do everything like before. 2nd - if you are MAC mode you can insert a hyperlink by using this code: Guitar Hero
where you put your own website in the address part and the name of the link in the second part. You can do this write in the section where you type your post.

Call me or Bart if you need help!!
Love you!

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh crap. the link thing didn't work cause the blog thought I was writing code and wanted it to show up as a link. I will just send you an email with what the code says.

10:45 AM  

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