Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Best Beauty Tip Ever

I have this friend and she is great. She is my best friend and she always keeps me up to date. She recently shared with me one of (I think) the best kept beauty secrets of all time. This tip is so incredibly wonderful that I think that if you don't know it, then you definitely should! Okay, so if you are anything like me then sometimes you get a little lazy and you just don't feel like going through the whole hair process on a daily basis, but also if you are anything like me, then the day after you just washed and did you hair it is already looking yucky and greasy. Solution? Baby Powder. Just put some baby powder on your hands and run it through your hair at the roots. Do as much or al little as you want and concentrate it onto the particularly greasy looking parts and tada! Your hair looks ten times better, less greasy, and is also more pliable. It is wonderful! For those of you who need the "real thing", you can buy a product made for this purpose made by Bumble and Bumble (sold only at certain hair salons I think...) and they make it colored specifically for blondes, brunettes, or red heads. However, beware because my friend that taught me the trick said that she tried it and then went to the gym and she was sweating brunette and it looked like dirt... Yuck! Anyway, a highly effective technique that I would suggest to anyone, and most of us mommys just have it lying around anyway. Good luck, hope you like it as much as I do!


Blogger brittany said...

dang, dude. I'm so excited to try this. It's just not fair to have such greasy hair genes! Jake can go several days without washing, but if it's been 12 hours, I'm looking rather grease-bombed. So thanks for sharing this little tip.

love you.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this...what am I talking about, I can try it right now. Cause I am like you, and I haven't taken a shower today and I don't want to and my hair is greasy. Oh, and, I'm a little jealous of whoever it is you call your best friend!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like I needed another excuse to not getting around to shower...I'm afraid that when I move away from Abby I won't know how to look cute or "current" anymore...I'll get stuck in 2007 for years...

7:44 PM  

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