Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Positively 1,2,3...4

So, one of my New years Resolutions was insipred by Boho Girl this year. She decided to rediscover her sexualtiy. I thought that this was a wonderful resolution. Not to give too much information, but what marriage couldn't use a little more sexuality, spontinaity, and passion? I decided to go for it.

So, our new journey for the new year began- days came and went wonderfully, and all of the sudden I realized, I had lost track of days. What day of the week is it? What is the date today? Until one day... it became crucial to know what day it was. I will positivley remember this day. January 22... I am positive.


Seriously... I litterally mean positive! So, SURPRISE! Surprise to us, surprise to you. Surprise, there is going to be a baby number 2! We are happy, and nervous, and lovingly awaiting this arrival that may come a bit quickley, but until then, we are pacing ourselves. Baby number one has no idea that he is becoming a big brother to baby number two because he understands very little at this point, being only 8 months old, but he is excited because he can tell that we are excited.


And,yes this shirt is huge on him because the smallest size it comes in is a 2T. I don't think that the T-shirt makers expect people to be pulling a "Britney Spears", but hey, we did. And we are excited about it. So here is to New Years Resolutions. And here is to 1, 2, 3...4 and a dog. Even if 3 and 4 are only 15 months apart (YIKES!) and even if I will be a mother of 2 at the ripe young age of 23 (DOUBLE YIKES!). So in preparation, I am trying to convince myself that if anyone has the energy for two tiny people so close in age, that it is me, right? Right. And I already know that I got the best Daddy around who doesn't mind helping and getting involved and loves babies to death, so He will be my saving grace through all if this. We will positivley make a fabulous 4, I am sure.



Blogger emma jo said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Baby news so so so very exciting! It's a crazy and fun ride.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Meriel Frandsen said...

SHUT UP!!! I am sooooo excited for you!! Crazy - Your SECOND baby, and less than a year away!!!! AHHH!! I am so incredibly happy for you, and yes, jealous. I can't wait to start! It's a good thing you got that baby room done, huh?!

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Allison said...

AHHH, I am so so so excited for you guys! I am crossing my fingers for a girl so I can buy her a princess outfit!

4:01 PM  
Blogger laurel said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Very very exciting (and scary?!) You'll be the perfect young and fun mom :)

4:07 PM  
Blogger brittany said...

I am positive that this will be a wonderful adventure and you'll never look back. Hip, Hip, HORRAY!

love you, love you.


6:05 PM  
Blogger Val said...

oh wow susan. congrats! that is so exciting. i know that double the kids you will be a double great mom! love you.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

WOW...I would give anything to "lose track of the days" and end up prego! I am so happy for you, cute mama! Cheers to babies and fertile people and big brother tee-shirts! (It will fit perfectly right when it needs to!) May you feel as non-nautious (sp?) as possible. How fun to compare second pregnancy while the first one is fairly fresh in your mind--keep us posted on the differences--oh, and I kind of hope it's another boy so they can be pals in their little blue room!

9:26 PM  
Blogger cait said...

Krista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are kidding me...I thought that was a joke. I love it though, really. You're truly inspiring. Congrats to you both!!! Love you, B & C

10:37 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

WORD! As I said before, just because we're not pregnant together doesn't mean I don't want to hear every little detail, my T-Mobile sharing sister!

Much love!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Krystal said...

i jsut wanted to add my comment too! about how happy i am for you! even though i've already told you when i was in AZ this last weekend! i also wanted to say that you figured out how to got the previous posts and archives to go over your picture of you and dallas. you need to show me how to do that asap! love ya

12:34 PM  
Blogger AL and ALI said...

How exciting! We are so happy for you...just think how cute this next one will be.

7:59 AM  

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