Monday, March 26, 2007

Bad Day Gone Good

I had kind of a wacky day today. I have weird days more than the avergae person, I think. The Baby was up for hours last night- who on earth knows why, and I had to wake him up from his nap this morning to do something for a friend that ended up not needing to be done... So then, since He was up, we ran some errands, which included dropping off the dry cleaning. By the time we left the dry cleaners the baby had a stinky diaper so I changed it in the front seat of my car while He played with my keys. After that, I threw the keys onto the middle console and shut the door to put Him in his carseat. Low and behold, he had hit the lock button and i was locked out of the car, where everything was. Cell phone, wallet... most imporatanly Keys. So I borrowed the cleaners phone and summoned my sister Brooke to come rescue me. She did so as a dilgent sister would do and by the time she got there to pick me up, I was laughing so hard- sitting on my lone metal chair that they placed outside for me to wait on by myslef in front of the cleaners- that I was crying. I just thought it was so funny because these things DO happen to me- so often! Anyway, Brooke saved the day and drove me home to pick up my extra keys. After that she brought me back to my car and we decided to go to lunch where we enjoyed hours of lauging, talking, good weather, a funny baby, and mushy talk about our love for Edward. (You Twilight readers, you know what I am talking about here!) After that we made a few pit stops. One into this beautiful grocery store AJ's that makes you want to become a master chef because the food is so beautiful, where we laughed at sticky notes for longer than we should have and bought some sugar and nuts. Then onto Rolfs where I finally found my over-priced Bumble & Bumble products that I have been desperately searching for. Then after that onto Barnes & Noble where she picked up a couple new copies of Twilight & New Moon. While we were checking out there was another Twilight obsessive buying New Moon at the counter and we talked about our rediculous love for the books and made a date to see eachother at the Eclipse Prom! (Again, you Twilight people know what I am talking about!) So funny. So could a kind of unlucky girl be any luckier than to end up with a most wonderful sister and friend like that? You know, those kind that can make you laugh so hard just by seeing them that you cry, and the kind that can talk about fictional characters for hours like they are real, and the kind that can make your stinky day turn into totally and utterly happy one? This lucky girl has 3 of those.


The Zoo

Last week on the ONLY rainy day that we will see for months, Jillian and I decided to go to the Zoo. Bad planning on our part. Anyway, it was pure insanity because I had the little guy and Ava, my friends baby. Jillian had her 3 nieces plus Berkley, her baby. It was pouring when we got there and then we had about 30 minutes to see all the animals that we could before we had to take shelter under a tent while it poured again. Afterwhich, we promptly returned to the car and by the time we got home- EVERYONE was asleep. Kind of a nightmare, but a memorable one. Plus, Jillian did meet a cool guy there...


The Whole Bunch


My Personal Favorite- Jillian and her boyfriend. This weirdo stalked her and finally got the nerve to see if she would take a picture with him. Very funny.


The little couple. They were so excited to be at the zoo- can you tell?


Weekend In Review

This weekend was fairly lame considereing that Hubby was still out of town in Boston. He didn't get home until late Saturday night. It is so nice to have him home. I don't know how I would do life without him! So here is my dull weekend in review by pictures... the pictures make it seem a little more exciting than it actually was!


There was lots and lots of drool from my teething boy.


Followed by the miraculous break-through of his 4th tooth that you can't see very well in this picture- but believe you me- it is there! This picture really cracks me up... it doesn't even look like him!


I got summoned for Jury Duty... again. I ignored the first one- apparently it didn't work!


My friend delivered a wonderful array of our "Fat Clothes" that she is done with since she had her darling baby Noah- and they are now sadly hanging in my closet- waiting for my belly to grow and grow and grow.


I made these deliciious looking brownies that are called S'more Brownies. I got the recipe from the Food Network Website because I saw the picture and couln't help myself! Sadly they look much prettier than they taste. They weren't bad- they just weren't worth the work. Too many tastes going on. Brownies are good alone, and s'mores are good alone. No thanks for the combo.


Here are the remainders of the talk that I satyed up until 1 AM on Friday preparing for chruch on Sunday. Thanks to all of you who gave me imput- it really helped!


The movies that I occupied my nights with while Hubby was gone. I only liked one of them- The Holiday. Please let me beg of you- never, NEVER watch Marie Antoinette- such a disappointment!


And Finally- A sippie cup that Baby Boy will drink from. He still won't hold it by himself, but he will drink from it. Hey, that's something! Thanks for the tip Sally.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby #2

I had my first ultra sound of this pregnancy today, and since Daddy is out of town for the week I figured I would put our first pictures of the newest member of our family up so he could see the little person. Isn't it cute, babe? Well, the pictures kind of stink but it was way better in real life and I was so shocked to see how much of a person is already in there. Nothing was missing. Fingers, toes, nose, belly, eyes... all of it. I forgot how fast it all happens. Such a miracle- beyond belief. What a blessing.

When I saw the very first ulta sound of our first baby I knew right away that he was a boy- I could just tell because his profile just looked like such a boy- and he still does just look all boy. I couldn't tell with this one though... but it may have your nose, Babe. Not sure, but I thought I saw a little glimpse of you there.


The baby is looking at us in this one. That is the front of its face and the front of its belly... and two arms on the sides.


This one is a profile shot. i wish you could see it better- I could see it so well on the screen. Fun, huh?

And for those of you who have been asking- I am 13 weeks along now and due in the end of September.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Back to Reality

We spent the last wonderful week of our lives Spring Breaking in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was so fun and realaxing. The Toonsie Boy is such a water baby and actually got a tan which is so funny! All of his little cracks and crevices are still white- I love that! We laid by the pool, went to the beach, slept, conquered Sudoku, and ate so much mexican food that I don't care if I have any more for many months to come. I can only handle eating the same ingerdients prepared slightly differently for so long...


He LOVES his Daddy. He is attatched at the hip after this last week together.


The sand was a new fun thing to him- until he realized he couldn't get it off of his hands easily.


Pre-tan, lathered in LOTS of 50 SPF and eyeballing the lazy river- his favorite.

So now we are back to reality. My house is a mess and is in dire need of spring cleaning. But I think we missed spring while we were out of town because we came back to 90 degree weather... yes thats right folks, in March. Yuck. Hubby will be off to Boston on a school trip to visit MIT and meet big wig developers and I will be lonely and losing my Mommy mind- no doubt. Teething is no fun! Anyway, I think that if I manifest the things that I want to accomplish and put them out there into the blogiverse that I might accomplish more of my goals that have gone ignored for way too long now. So here they are. (Sorry, bare with me- this is purely for me!)

-Have the flange of Moms pillows redone at the work room
-Get mom a b-day gift & send it
-Send Karas b-day gift
-Hang things up in my room that have been sitting on the ground since painting... months ago
-De-Clutter the house in general (that might take a while- i have really let things pile up this time)
-Get Babys clothes organized and pack away the ones that don't fit anymore
-Send antique kitchen items to Britt
-Fill all empty picture frames
-Get all the pictures into the baby book

Okay, so that looks like a lame list I realize, but those are all things I have just put off and it is time to just get them done for heavens sake!


Monday, March 05, 2007

100 Things About Us

1. We were married October 11th
2. He has 4 brothers, one sister, She has 3 sisters, one brother
3. He grew up in AZ, She grew up in CA
4. We both know we will probably never leave AZ, even if we may secretly want otherwise (mostly She)
5. We love to travel
6. We don't like to have "plans" when we are vacationing
7. Our first date was a Nelly concert
8. She kissed Him on the first date
7. And She was happy She did it
8. We both just got released from the Primary, where we have both been for 2 years!
9. He always knows how to make people laugh
10. She thinks He is the funniest person that She has ever known
11. We like to work out
12. We were married in Oakland, CA
13. We both love family more than anything else
14. We both want 4 or 5 kiddies
15. We already have one and another on the way... 1/2 way there!
16. We really want to plan a trip to Holland
17. We both love our baby boy more than life itself
18. We love any town that has a beach
19. We will probably never spend a 4th of July anywhere but Montana
20. We both believe in God
21. We are 4 years apart in age
22. We are all gemini's
23. He will only play Scrabble, Risk, or Settlers of Katan- She will play anything... Accept for Risk
24. She is musical, He thinks He isn't, but He is
25. We are best friends
26. We both own our own businesses
27. We both want to live in a house that doesn't look like it is in the desert
28. He is a morning person, She is a retired night owl
29. We can both go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink
30. We rarely want to eat the same thing
31. She hogs most of the dessert
32. We have both lived abroad- He, Holland & Spain- She, England
33. We both think that we grew up in the best place ever, even though those places are different
34. We both like plants, but don't like yardwork
35. We love to be on the lake in MT when it's 10:30 PM and it should be dark, but it's not
36. We like to ride jet skis
37. We are pretty good runners
38. Niether of us enjoy the cold for very long... Snow is good to visit
39. We both like to be spooned, so we take turns being in the back
40. He eats more saltines that She does while She's pregnant
41. We both love yellow cake with chocolate frosting and a tall glass of milk, and often make it for no occasion accept that we feel like eating it
42. Thriftys ice cream is our favorite
43. We both love to spend time with family
44. He wants a litter of boys, She wants at least one girl
45. We both rather eat at home
46. We love the movies
47. We don't really like watching movies more than once
48. She knows the words to most songs, He makes all the words up
49. Someday we want a lake house in Montana
50. We dated for over a year
51. We found out we were pregnant on our 2 year anneversary
52. Baby 1 was due on Her birthday, but came a little early
53. We found out we were pregnant with Baby 2 on His brothers (Rocky & Krystal) 2 year anneversary
54. We don't watch scary movies
55. We both love dogs, now that we have our own
56. His hair is thick and black, her hair is thin and blonde
57. We both bite our nails
58. She is a hopeless romantic, He is a realist
59. We are all loud
60. Neither of us drink soda, but He likes to cheat... a lot
61. He has a Go-ped to ride around the block, She thinks that is cute
62. We both have our own MACs and our own iPods because we don't like to share
63. We root for the same teams (most of the time)
64. He is getting a Masters from ASU
65. We will both be happy when He is done
66. Niether of us like school very much
67. He likes to read about politics and history, she will read almost anything
68. She likes to scrapbook
69. He loves to have pictures all around the house
70. Our opinions differ on what should go up on the fridge
71. We enjoy the same peoples company
72. He is good at making friends
73. We like to watch Lost, The Office, and Rob & Big
74. We both listen to "The Heart" on XM radio
75. We sat next to Nicholas Cage two nights in a row in Las Vegas. Both nights he was wearing a snake skin suit and sunglasses... Amazing.
76. We love to watch old show seasons on DVD
77. He loves MASH
78. She likes bright colors, and refuses to live in an all brown home- He is okay with that
79. We got engaged on the 2 year anneversary of his return from his mission
80. He woke up at sunrise every morning on our honeymoon- She would have slept all day if He let her
81. We like to eat breakfast for dinner
82. He eats chips on Sundays
83. She is half neat freak, half utter chaos
84. He likes to shave his head, She likes it long. She likes to cut her hair short, He likes it long.
85. We all have blue eyes
86. The boys both have longer eye lashes than She does
87. We both love Thin Mints
88. He has an extremely long memory, She has a very short one.
89. He prefers ice cream, She prefers baked goods
90. We both have good friends
91. We both like to go to the horse races
92. We both like to host get togethers for any occasion
93. He likes to sleep on the couch sometimes
94. He's a yellow/red, She's a yellow/blue
95. We are pretty sure we could win the Amazing Race
96. Once He actually sent an audition tape into Survivor
97. He said "I Love You" first
98. She was wearing a bikini both when he first said "I Love You" and when he proposed- Hmm...
99. We got engaged in the hot tub, now dubbed the "Love Tub" There were fireworks, real ones over the lake, because I said "Yes"
100. We both feel lucky to have each other


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Big Boy

I haven't posted any pictures of The Babe in a while because I have been slacking off. Amazing how this pregnancy has completely debiliated me... Anyway, since I am aware that the reason that most of you come here is to see Him anyway- here you go! Some of my most recent favorites...


Getting to work around the house with Daddy. He wants to be big so bad!


Our first attempt at any kind of hairstyle... this was supposed to be a mohawk... i think it may take us some time to get there, or anywhere with the hair issue for that matter!


His new favortie spot to find mischeif- UNDER the excersaucer. He thinks it is so cool that he can get under there all by himself!


Wearing his very first tie to church with his smoldering father.

Oooooh, i just love my boys to death!