Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hoppy Easter

We had fun on Easter this year. The Baby got his first Easter basket. It wasn't a very exciting basket, but he loved the grass.
We went to brunch with the Tanner family at the Ritz Carlton, (Bad, I know... I think this year may have been our last year in attendance.) where the buddy got to meet the Easter Bunny and go to a real live petting zoo full of chickens, bunnies, pot bellied pigs, sheep, and there may have been a couple of other critters there that I didn't notice. I took a paticular liking to this little white bunny that had one floppy ear and one that stood straight up. He was so cute!
We spent the second half of Easter eating dinner at my sisters house. She made a delicious meal and we lounged around topping the day off with brownies. (My Fave!) It was a fun day and my little guy was just too cute! His newest word is "Na Na" which I have discovered means Jelly Bean. He is obsessed with them! Anytime he sees them all you hear is a whiney "Na Na! Na Na!" Too funny.



Blogger Rocky & Krystal said...

krew looks so stinken cute in these photos! So do you! I especially love the little Kitchen, Betty Crocker one too!

12:02 AM  
Blogger brittany said...

wwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I'm so jealie. Usually I'm just happy that you have each other so close, but this made me sad to be missing in action.

So cute, though. Give the little guy a squeeze if you can catch him long enough.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Abby said...

Why is that so funny to me--the hay on the floor and the wood-paneled walls? How do they get rid of the smell--do they only bring in non-smelly aniimals? I'm so curious as to this process of having animals in a nice hotel. I love your Easter "get-ups." Very beautiful (and handsome).

9:19 AM  

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