Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steppin' & Smoochin'

The Toonsie took His very first steps today ALL BY HIMSELF! We practice with him almost every night before bed- walking back and forth to Mommy & Daddy, but usually He gets impatient and mad- but not tonight! Tonight, He was a big boy and He braved off into this big world alone. ALL ALONE! Well, with Mom & Dad on both sides, but you can humor me, right? Then he finished the night off with some smoochin'. He loves to kiss. Watch out Mamas- He's a lady killer for sure, and he likes to use the tongue! I have already witnessed him kissing two different girls at church and one long lip lock session with Berkley this afternoon. They were sitting in the corner of the dressing room of Forever 21! Scandelous I tell you! I am so proud of him taking his first steps- Way to go Dude!



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Ode to My Love

My Big D turned 27 yesterday! It was a fun birthday and because it fell on Memorial Day this year so a bunch of fun people were able to gather round this beloved boy to celebrate His 27 years that have been spent spinning around down here... and doing some other good stuff too!

We started the morning slow. D had a nice work out while the baby and I made him Cream Cheese Filled Blueberry Muffins and a Strawberry Soy Shake. Mmmm.




We spent the rest of the day taking naps, going to lunch, and looking at some beach cruisers. But the real fun came at night durring Hubby's Bowling Birthday Bash! We went with many of our beloved to bowl a few games and finished the night off at our house with cake and ice cream... and an ice cream cake too, by special request from the birthday boy himself. It was a lot of fun- thanks to everyone who joined us for the fun!




Happy birthday my love. Sorry that you got me Chocolate and I got you nothing. I know that you love me anyway, that's (part of) what makes you so good!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Grateful Friday

We have had a wonderful spring this year. Here are some things I am grateful for as Summer approaches...


Strawberry Freezer Jam (Natures Candy + Lots of Sugar= You Can't Go Wrong!)
Mild Summer Nights Thus Far
Swimming with my Baby
Montana on the 4th of July
Colorful Flowers Blooming
A Hubby that works hard so that i can spend my days hanging with my baby at the pool and making jam
Spring Cleaning
Mesa Fro Yo
Skinny Cow Mini Chocolate Fudge Bars (Cold, Chocolatey and only 50 Calories!)
Air Conditioning
Eating Outdoors
Summer Birthdays (There are SO MANY in May & June!)
Long Mornings
A Good Summer Read
Monsoons (Please come soon!)
Cotton Skirts


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cookie Panel- Ghirardelli vs Toll House

I waited to post the cookie panel from last time so I could partner it up with this weeks cookie panel. The great comparision- Ghirardelli vs Toll House. I used the Clementine's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe given by Ghirardelli (via Tori!) and I used the Toll House recipe given on the back of the bag on their semi sweet chocolate chips. No comparison here folks. Lets refer to them as "G" and "TH" of the sake of my sanity and continue...

G had a more "out of the box" recipe per say incorporating spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon- giving these cookies more of an earthy taste i guess you could call it. The cookie dough wasn't my favorite because it wasn't sweet like you want cookie dough to be when you crave it, because of all of its spices. The cookies were generally good, but not great either. Better warm in my opinion. And for some reason my cookies turned out all skiddie-whompus. How do you spell that made up word anyway? One would flatten out nicely while the one just next to it would bake into a puff ball cookie. I have no idea why this happened- that was a first for me. In short, they were okay cookies- but not the recipe I would choose. I think the whole panel was in agreeance here.

TH had a wonderful classic cookie. These cookies were pretty, they were consistant, they were easy, and they tasted just how you would expect a good ole' chocolate chip cookie to taste. Nothing particularly special about them, and nothing wrong with them at all. Good dunked in milk, good warm or cold, good smooth creamy dough. These would be my vote for the best cookie to explore with. You could add all kinds of different things- different morsels, different spices... whatever. My sisters friend said that she used this recipe to make cookies with wheat flour- so if that's what your into... In my opinion, if you are going halfway fatening, you mind as way go the whole way and really enjoy it! So these were good cookies, I think that most anyone would enjoy them- and if you are wanting to go out on a limb to try and add a few different kinds of things- I would use this recipe for sure.

So between G and TH- sorry I pick TH. I still love you G- really I do. Just not so much for cookies!

See what i mean by all different sizes?
The Ghirardelli recipe can be found here.

The Toll House recipe can be found here.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


One of my dearest and oldest friends sent this sweet thing to me in the mail the other day. I opened it up and loved it with my all of my heart immediately. One reason being that it was given to me with such love- gifts sent at random moments definatley mean that someone is loving you and thinking of you, even though they might be far away. Another reason that I loved it was because it gave me such an "Aha" moment. I saw it and for the first time since I have been preganant it hit me and I realized that this is really happening and that we will have another boy making us smile and filling us with love not too long from now. And this child was most definately "Heaven Sent" seeing as that we weren't quite planning on this. What a blessing to have something so special sent straight to you from God simply because He knew that right now is the right time for this, even though we may not have known, or even been asking what He thought. So thank you my sweet and ever giving friend. Thank you for this meaningful gift. This one truly touched my heart.



Monday, May 14, 2007


Aloha from beautiful Maui! We are loving every minute of the sun and relaxation here. I can't upload pictures while we are here, but Sarah can- so if you want to see how much fun we are having (Wish You Were Here!) check out her blog- not to mention the pictures of all of our Hubbys with their brand new mohawks... hardcore. Haha. And happy late Moms day to all you you wonderful mothers that I know- you each inspire me in different ways. Huki Lau!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Going Going, Back Back, to Cali Cali


It is always a wonderful time when I get to visit my hometown in California. My parents are welcoming and warm. They make me dinner, clean up after me, and spoil me with so much love and kindness! I spent my days helping my mom shop for furniture, roaming around in the beautiful garden, watching my sweet Dad play with my boy, and eating lots of Brass Bear sandwiches. Just the best sandwhiches ever- in case you were wondering. I got to hit a few of my favorite spots, including a beach day in Santa Cruz, and some realxing down-time in Carmel. I got to see my sister Kara's new home in California and I got so jealous. It is wonderful- location, Location, LOCATION! I think the only thing that I missed was San Francisco- which was sad because I found this darling bakery online that I really wanted to visit, but I will just have to save that adventure for next time.

Grandpa loving on His boys!

Exploring Grammies Garden

Bath Time! Happy play time for kids, and happy almost bed time for moms!

Doing the stand-up trick. He was being so funny, crossing his arms & biting them! Nervous reaction? Who knows!

Carmel... Ahhhh Carmel.

By the way- check this out if you have a moment. My Mom is doing a garden tour called Personal Sanctuaries to benefit UCSF breast cancer research. Good job, Mom! You can check off S- Support a Worthy Cause.


The Overdue Cookie Panel

Sorry about the total lapse of time in the Cookie Panel. I know that some of you really look forward to it, but as I have already described, life has been BUSY! I skipped one week while I was in California visiting my parents and then last week I didn't hold the panel until Friday because I was waiting for all of my siblings to arrive. Five opinions are even better than three, right?

Brittany & Caleb fighting over the last cookie. Nice acting, guys!

Last weeks cookies were a hit. We tried Bonnies CCC's and they were to die for. This recipe is fairly different from any of the others that have been tried thus far for two reasons- One, there is vanilla pudding in the recipe (YUM!). Two- the whole recipe is mixed by hand as opposed to in a mixer. All in all, everyone loved them. In fact, everyone liked them so much that we forgot to stop to take pictures, and by the time that I remembered there was only one lonesome cookie left- so please excuse the one-cookie beauty shot. Sadly, it wasn't even one of the prettier ones, but you will get the drift. These cookies are great warm or cold. They are fluffy, yet dense. They are moist, and just the right mix of well... everything. I would highly suggest trying this one out.


Bonnie's CCC's

2 Eggs
1 Tsp Vanilla
1 c Butter, Softened
3/4 c Brown Sugar
1/4 c White Sugar
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1 Small Box of Vanilla Instant Pudding
2 1/4 c Flour
2 c Chocolate Chips, Or to Taste

Cream the eggs, vanilla, & butter. Add the sugars and mix. Add baking soda, and pudding- Mix. Add 2 cups of flour and mix. Coat your chocolate chips with the remaining 1/4 c of flour & add. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes. (In my oven it took a little bit longer... just watch them.) Eat as many as possible!



During our recent sibling reunion- the night before we went to The Prom- we did this ridiculous spur of the moment thing and we went on a hunt. I started with a bit of a bad attitude, but by the end of the hunt I couldn't help from smiling, laughing, and inevitably getting involved! For you Twilight readers- we went to find Bellas house in Scottsdale (Yes, it really exists, just how she dedscribed it!) and we went to find the infamous dance studio where she runs into the dreaded James! It was so fun singing our hearts out (yes, we are that family that all sing LOUD and we harmonize as we dance in our seats!), driving FAST (Sorry about the ticket Brookie!) down the freeway and laughing our hearts out. We are pretty fun, you know. Here are some pics of the night. For more photos and a better description visit Britts Blog.

The Dance Conservatory- it was so similar to how I saw it in my head!

Bellas House

The Drive

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Monday, May 07, 2007


It has been a BUSY couple of weeks. There will be many details to come, but it may take me a while to get my life back to normal. For you cookie followers, yes, a cookie panel will be reavealed shortly. I know I let a couple weeks pass so- Sorry. I was "Babysitting" my brother and sister-in-law for 10 days, then flew to California to visit the hometown gang (My parents, and Kara's Family) for 5 days, then Kara flew home with me for 6 days where each and everyone of my wonderful siblings met together and we went to The Prom. Either you know what I mean by now, or you don't. So here are as many details as I can fit into one blog entry...

"Babysitting" for Beau & Alex is more like being on the look out for making out teenagers. They are 13 and 14 and both darlin, fun and wonderful and they both are "going out" with people. Alex insists she isn't kissing this beautiful little blonde boy Kyle (But I watched for it anyway) and Beau readily admits that he stealing as many kisses from Cloey as he can. So for 10 days I basically did nothing and watched out for kissing kids.

California was great. It was too short, as it always is. I didn't see or call any of my friends accept for the 10 minute visit and frozen yogurt that I made Allie Berding buy for me. (Thanks again! Gummy bears... Mmmm.) So, sorry to all of you that I missed- I promise that I still love you. We went to my parents house in Carmel for the weekend which is always a dream come true and we endured the worst 2 hour car ride home with two 10 month olds that you can imagine. I wanted to jump out of the moving vehicle! My moms garden was spectacular as she is geting it ready for her Personal Snactuaries Garden Tour benefiting breast cancer, and my Boy was just obsessed with my Dad. It was so fun to watch them together- my Dad is such a great Grandpa.

Sibling week was a blast. My house was full of lots of little people, and laughter, and fun! We played games, went swimming, watched movies, and who knows what else but I definatley know that we were constantly busy. Our little guys woke each other up every morning at 5 am so days were long and enjoyed just the same. Kara and I were ready for some sleep by the end.

The Prom, I am so sorry to say, was a let down. And in true Reeve fashion (well for a few of us I guess) we arrived late and we actually MISSED Stephanie Meyer's reading of the chapter from Eclipse. Heart breaking isn't it? But we heard that you couldn't hear it anyway so we tried not to be too sad and laughed at our ridiculous attire and moved on with the wonderful evening. It was a blast.

And the last but not least detail of my past few weeks is that we found out that we are having another BOY! It's Irish twins for us. We are really excited for these two little guys to be buds and I have informed my husband that he is in charge of breaking up all brawls that will innevitably occur in our home. He thinks he has died and gone to heaven as he is imagining his sons and all the fun that they will have together.

So there it is! Now I will spend the next few days unpacking and re-packing to head off to Hawaii with the Hubby for a whole week!! He is graudating with his Masters in Real Estate and Development THIS WEEK (HOORAY!!) and so in celebration we are going on a getaway with some freinds for some needed R&R. Baby free and all! Congratulations to my wonderful, smart, hard working husband... I know that everything you do, you do for us- and I LOVE YOU! I am so proud of you!