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It has been a BUSY couple of weeks. There will be many details to come, but it may take me a while to get my life back to normal. For you cookie followers, yes, a cookie panel will be reavealed shortly. I know I let a couple weeks pass so- Sorry. I was "Babysitting" my brother and sister-in-law for 10 days, then flew to California to visit the hometown gang (My parents, and Kara's Family) for 5 days, then Kara flew home with me for 6 days where each and everyone of my wonderful siblings met together and we went to The Prom. Either you know what I mean by now, or you don't. So here are as many details as I can fit into one blog entry...

"Babysitting" for Beau & Alex is more like being on the look out for making out teenagers. They are 13 and 14 and both darlin, fun and wonderful and they both are "going out" with people. Alex insists she isn't kissing this beautiful little blonde boy Kyle (But I watched for it anyway) and Beau readily admits that he stealing as many kisses from Cloey as he can. So for 10 days I basically did nothing and watched out for kissing kids.

California was great. It was too short, as it always is. I didn't see or call any of my friends accept for the 10 minute visit and frozen yogurt that I made Allie Berding buy for me. (Thanks again! Gummy bears... Mmmm.) So, sorry to all of you that I missed- I promise that I still love you. We went to my parents house in Carmel for the weekend which is always a dream come true and we endured the worst 2 hour car ride home with two 10 month olds that you can imagine. I wanted to jump out of the moving vehicle! My moms garden was spectacular as she is geting it ready for her Personal Snactuaries Garden Tour benefiting breast cancer, and my Boy was just obsessed with my Dad. It was so fun to watch them together- my Dad is such a great Grandpa.

Sibling week was a blast. My house was full of lots of little people, and laughter, and fun! We played games, went swimming, watched movies, and who knows what else but I definatley know that we were constantly busy. Our little guys woke each other up every morning at 5 am so days were long and enjoyed just the same. Kara and I were ready for some sleep by the end.

The Prom, I am so sorry to say, was a let down. And in true Reeve fashion (well for a few of us I guess) we arrived late and we actually MISSED Stephanie Meyer's reading of the chapter from Eclipse. Heart breaking isn't it? But we heard that you couldn't hear it anyway so we tried not to be too sad and laughed at our ridiculous attire and moved on with the wonderful evening. It was a blast.

And the last but not least detail of my past few weeks is that we found out that we are having another BOY! It's Irish twins for us. We are really excited for these two little guys to be buds and I have informed my husband that he is in charge of breaking up all brawls that will innevitably occur in our home. He thinks he has died and gone to heaven as he is imagining his sons and all the fun that they will have together.

So there it is! Now I will spend the next few days unpacking and re-packing to head off to Hawaii with the Hubby for a whole week!! He is graudating with his Masters in Real Estate and Development THIS WEEK (HOORAY!!) and so in celebration we are going on a getaway with some freinds for some needed R&R. Baby free and all! Congratulations to my wonderful, smart, hard working husband... I know that everything you do, you do for us- and I LOVE YOU! I am so proud of you!


Blogger Jillian said...

ok, so many things...first, took you long enough to post! I was going crazy..second, I can totally make you a recipe book. Its so easy, you might want to do the front page yourself, just so you have your own touch on it. But if not I will totally do it for you...third, you need to stop leaving town so we can be friends again!!! If I dont see you have SO much fun in hawaii!! I need to see some pictures from the prom!!

3:22 PM  
Blogger Tanner and Alli Judd said...

krista!!! you need to put up pictures from the prom! haha. i am sooo jealous. I am still trying to find the first chapter of eclipse. hopefully soon!

3:39 PM  
Blogger brittany said...

hey, busy girl. I miss you already so much:(

Wanted to let you know that I posted a link to that recipe you wanted--you can find it in the same cake post at the bottom.

love you.

ps--I'm proud of you too, Dal!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Rocky & Krystal said...

hey Sis-in-law! I miss you, and after reading all of what you have been up to i took in a great big sigh of relief for you!! haha And, hello, your going to hawaii without us???!!!!! that is not cool! im really jealous, and in need of some serisou R & R myself. but you guys need it way more!! hey congrats Dallas, thats awesome that your finished with school! that must feel amazing, and is such a great accompishment. you are such a great example to your brothers! way to go! i can't wait till I can say we graduated too!! one day... one day... haha not to far away though, im counting down! anyways K-1 i really miss you, and wish i could come down and visit sometime soon, and have some more girls nights! love ya guys

11:21 PM  
Blogger emma jo said...

Congrats on the boy!...I have no idea what that is like, you'll have to let me know.
Have fun in Hawaii...pregnant bellies in swim suits are the best!!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Right, that is, if your pregnant belly shows! You are such a tiny pregnant lady, and I wouldn't know what that's like...oh, how fun to have two little boys so close! Lucky girl (and guys). And congrats on graduating...I know exactly what that takes and I am weepy this weekend as it has come to an end--a very grateful weepy, that is. Have fun--Aloha!

9:51 PM  

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