Monday, June 18, 2007

Big Daddies

I am so grateful for fathers. I really could celebrate them at least twice a year. Maybe I should just be more proactive about celebrating the men in my life on a daily basis, because they are truly good men. I have a wonderful husband that cares about making me happy and cares about being a truly wonderful Dad. What more could you ask for? It brings joy to me daily to see him help raise our son and I am grateful that I can hope and pray that our boys turn out just like their Daddy, because that would mean that they have become good men. I have a wonderful Dad who has been supportive and wonderfully doting. He is a man that is not affraid to tell you just how much he loves you without reservation, and what more could any child need than a constant reminder that they are truly and unconditionally loved? I have a brother who's heart knows no limit, and who is going to be one of the best Dads in the world, and there is no doubt in my mind about that. Little people are just drawn to him... there must be a reason for that, don't you think? I have a Father-in-law that loves his wife in one of the most beautiful ways that I have ever witnessed. What a blessing to watch their love still growing stronger every day after all of these years. What a blessing that my husband grew up seeing his Dad love his Mom in that way. I have a handful of Brothers-in law that are smart, and fun. They are my friends and most importantly (to me), they are good to my sisters, and they bring joy to their lives, filling them each daily. I know a whole list of good men that I see acting as good husbands and fathers to women that I love and to children that I adore. I am grateful for them today too.

How lucky I am to know so many good men when there seems to be such a lack of them in this twisted world. How lucky I am that they have been my guides, my influences, my providers, my friends, and my teachers. I hope you know that I love you each dearly, today and all days. Happy Fathers Day!









Last But not least- Krews gift to Daddy for Fathers Day... So fun.

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Blogger Kara said...

Here, freakin' here!!

1:49 PM  
Blogger David said...

Well put Krista. I'm a little misty. I know pretty much all the men of whom you wrote and I totally agree.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Rocky & Krystal said...

that was really sweet kris. I love the pictures of krew you got taken for D. So cute! He totally looks like a little toddler now! OHHH and his teeth .... So cute. Remember when we first took krew to kiddy candids ?? And i love he picture of all the T boys in a row. Classic! I saved that one~

9:39 AM  

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