Thursday, August 30, 2007

Simply a Good Life

Every once in a while I have a day in which I actually get things together. A day where the dishes are done and put away, the laundry is folded in our drawers and hung in our closets, the beds are made, the counters are clean, errands are run, dinner is actaully planned and followed through with followed by some fresh baked banana bread, and baths are had then the night turns quiet. Every so often I can get it together enough to have this day. It isn't once a week, and maybe not even once a month but when these days do occur I can't help but think- Okay, this is a good life. It is simple and low key and that is precisely how I like it to be. On days like this I realize how much I love my job as mom and wife and on days like this I feel like I am actually doing somewhat of a good job at it. I am acknowleging this today because of the simple fact that I have no idea when I will have a day like this again. With the baby coming I have a full knkowing of the tiredness and hard work that are ahead of me. This time I know whats coming and it is wonderful but also hard. Some people thrive on the newborn stage- I was not so much one of those people. I am the one that can't even find the time to put on clothes or eat properly or shower, little lone attempt to dry my hair. So I am red flagging this day as a good one, just in case that I forget the fact that things do get easier when I am in the throws of post pardom. I want to remember days like this one today.

On a side note, I had my first experience with Craigs List today! I couldn't believe what a rush it was to actually sell something for good money that I had no use for anymore. I might be addidcted. I have heard of the ebay addiction, but don't you think that craigs list is even more instantly gratifying for our greedy little generation? You put it on there, get an email that night, and the next day you have a wad of cash in your hot little hand. It felt great to make some money off of something that I didn't want anymore. Very fun. If you have never tried Craigs list- I suggest that you do- it's pretty cool!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

California Dreamin'

Okay, okay- I am back. And trust me on this- the reality of my life is weighing very heaviliy these days. So vacation has been wonderful and now my real life is looking pretty crazy these days so I am thrice times grateful that I just got to lounge at the beach for a week and a half.

First I got to see my girls which was a wonderful thing in my life. It is so important to have girl friends- if you don't have some, you should get some! My lovely Ali has returned from her mission in Argentina only to be even more wonderful than she already was, if that is possible. She is beautiful, smart, well rounded, so fun, and increadibly acheived for her ripe young age of 23 which she just turned this week. Happy birthday to my Pete. If you are a single amazing man and looking for the most wonderful woman on earth, you may want to track down Ali. She would be worth the embarassment of saying that you fell in love with her from my blog. So the girls thing was a blast. We talked a lot, and shopped just about as much and ate even more than the other two combined- or was that just me? Maybe so... Anyway, I love these girls desperately.

Love them. That's all.

Then on Sunday my sweet Hubby and Baby Boy came to join me for a week of fun in the sun. We went to the beach every day, spent a day at Sea World, went to the horse races at Del Mar, and caught up with family and friends. The week was peaceful and happy. Plus I got the chance to read Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer which I have been so anxious to do! I think I may have been bad company for Dal durring the time it took me to finish... sorry babe... but you know how I just love vampires and such! The boys loved the beach and my darling boy was surprisingly great at Sea World. He loved the walruses and seals, but most of all he loved the gift shop that had 900,000 stuffed penguins. The kid thought he was in heaven- he just ran around with his hands above his head screaming in joy. It was too funny.

This is his "Woah Mom! Did you just see that walrus swim right in front of my face?! Look... PRICELESS

Boys will be Boys

Big Mama and her Baby for now

So now we are back- counting down days till the arrival of the new little guy- switching bedroom, organizing, nesting, and having dreams about having contractions and going into labor. Oh Joy!

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Night Boredom

Wow, can you tell that my Hubby is out of town on a Friday night or what?

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Thursday, August 02, 2007


Today I finally stopped to take a moment with my Son. After busy errands and sweating from the movement of simply breathing I decided that we needed to just stop for a second and enjoy each other. We went to the good old Mesa Fro Yo where my darling boy and I sat to enjoy a cold treat and to just stop. It was such a bittersweet moment for me.

The sweetness was in the ice cream, it was in the look on his face as we just sat and smiled at each other, it was in his joy as he simply babbled to me and had my utmost attention. The sweetness was in the gummy bears, as much as it was in the fact that He has the amazing ability to turn a moment into a memory with a glance. It was sweet, indeed.

The bitterness lay underneath all of this glorious happiness in my worries and my subconscious. Are our moments numbered by mere weeks until there is another baby? How could this come to an end when these moments just became a reality? How will I balance it all, how will He know that he is so deeply loved and adored? How do I love another the way that I love Him? While I realize that these things just tend to work themselves out, and that there will still be moments to come, and that I will have the capacity to love even more than I already do- I can't help but let part of me mourn... simply mourn the fact that I have not taken more moments to stop life, to just slow down, and to truly enjoy every tiny piece of this child that bears witness of everything that is important and everything that is worth living for.

I am determined to let there be more moments. Isn't there a saying that goes something like, life is just a bunch of moments... some wall hanging or pillow that told me this secret long ago? Why didn't I pay more attention to that little pillow? I am thankful for every moment that I share with the ones that I love. Especially the ones I share with my boys. Each and every time I am with them I feel the sheer joy of my life- and I am thankful for those moments that make life truly sweet.


Yet more sweet moments- Lately he loves to climb up in his chair and just sit with his bear- I often find him like this. It makes him feel like such a big boy to accomplish that all by himself... he sure is turning into Mr. Independant!