Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Introducing... {Drum Roll Please}

Mr. Cash Hudson Tanner




We are increadibly grateful for and absolutely smitten by our sweet new boy. He was born on September 21st at 6 Lbs 9 Oz. We couldn't be happier or more thankful for him! Everyone is adjusting wonderfully (Especially Krew- He is so sweet with his baby brother!) and both mom and babe are healthy and well. More to come! (Maybe when I am feeling a little less sleep deprived!)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Roller Coasters and Such

This is my niece Tommy.


She is wonderful, funny and athletic. She is smart, sweet, and a little bit moody sometimes. I love her. I really, really, really love her. She is my friend. Tommy has Autism. I would love to tell her story but my sister Brooke tells her story so much better. She just wrote an amazing blog about their families journey with Autism. It has been a roller coaster experience for them. Please read it if you have a moment because right now we have an opportunity to help this cause so close to our families heart. Last year Brooke and I ran a 5k race for Autism. This year I sadly won't be joining her since I am about to pop (nice call on that one last year Brooke!) but she will still be running. Please take a moment to find out more about this great cause and please help if you can.

Speaking of roller coasters- I am currenty on one. My energy is fluctuating like you wouldn't believe and my emotions are doing a bit of the same (I don't think I am too crazy though... mostly really chatty ALL THE TIME!) I am ready to pop any day now. On Wednesday the Dr. told me that I am 3 cm dilated and 80% efaced. So really- any day now. So I have finally started to tie up the lose ends that I was purposfully leaving undone to prolongate this pregnancy and I have finally packed myself a bag for the hospital just in case the moment comes quickley. I also spent the morning WD 40-ing all the joints in my doors so they won't squeek then using the Magic Eraser to scrub every mark off of every door. Pregnancy at it's fullest? I think so.

And... speaking of roller coasters... lets hope that the big moment doesn't come quickly because my Husband is currently on a plane to Ohio to go to Cedar Point to litterally ride some of the best roller coasters ever. I am excited for him, yet bitter on all kinds of levels. I am so jealous- I LOVE to ride roller coasters! I have wanted to go to Cedar Point for as long as I can remember. My mom said she will take me when I am done being pregnant- maybe I will hold her up to that! I am trying to be cool about him going (Please, spare me the why didn't you MAKE him stay home speech- He's a big enough boy to make his own decisions and live with the consequences. Plus he somehow manages to pull these things off spot free anyway!) and while I am cool with him being gone for only 36 hours, I am also scared that I am going to go into labor and have to do it all by myself! Then again- it would be a good lesson for him to learn, but I'm not sure this is how I would like it to be learned! Not with it affecting me so greatly- no thanks! And this whole thing just kind of reminds me how men really have NO CLUE about pregnancy. How real it is, how we have to live with it every moment of every day for 9 months, and how there is no way out at the end accept for one way- pushing the baby out. No avoiding it, no planning how the experience will pan out, no nothin. They just don't always get these things, those boys. Have fun on the rides Hubby, I love you. Oh, and don't bother coming home if I give birth without you by my side! :)

Hence, roller coasters and such.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007


My most darling friend Vanessa threw me a little surprise shower yesterday. It was so nice to celebrate this new person coming into my life- something I feel like I haven't done enough of. Not to mention it was really fun to see all of the girlies that I sometimes just don't see enough of. We had brunch at yummy CRACKERS and followed the amazing meal up with pedicures at my favorite little place. Since I didn't know there was going to be a party for me I sadly have no pictures. However, I got a few snapshots of Krewser Man stealing my balloons the moment that I walked in the door. It was so funny. He was so happy when I got home and even happier that I was carrying balloons. I thought he was running up to give me a hug but instead he ran up and took the balloons and bolted down the hall and into his bedroom to claim them for himself. So thanks for the balloons Sally! He loved them! And thanks to all the girls that came for making it a special day for me.

The Get Away

The Celebration of Sweet Victory- Yes I know he is very dirty and not quite matching. Daddy had him all day and did a GREAT job as always. Thanks Daddy, for letting me get out with the girls!

And thank you to my most wonderful little friend Vanessa for making me feel loved and special. I am a lame girl that craves moral support, so I really needed the day to celebrate this little guy and not feel like He is just the second boy who will live in his big brothers shadow while wearing hand-me-downs. We are so excited for him to get here in the next few weeks. I just need to finish my nesting first! And find a double stroller- any suggestions?

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Thursday, September 06, 2007


"Style may be on the surface, but you can be deep and still have some." Clarissa Gough

I came across this quote in my day planner the other day and it totally made me laugh. I have to say- I absolutely agree. I have had experiences in my life in which this judgement has plainly been made on me. "She cares about her clothes- she must be shallow." And while to some degree that can be a true statement towards a few people who tend to get a little too caught up in the whole ordeal... who's to say that because somebody cares about their appearance, that automtically makes them shallow?

My sister called me for some style advice this morning, is this because I am the shallow sister? I think not. I think it's because I have fun with style, and i have a little style, and I care about details in styling. My stylish friends are not my most shallow friends, nor are my not so stylish friends any deeper than the others.

I will admit, it can be a lame interest considering that it is pretty much altogether unimportant in the grand scheme of life, but so are a lot of things that we don't care any less about. Have any of you felt like people have judged you as "shallow" because you care about how you look?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Party Pooper

Both of my Brother-in-law's, David and Jake, turned 35 within the past week or so. Congrats to both of the old farts! I remember when you guys first showed up, I had a crush on David, and and Jakes beard kind of freaked me out (mind you I was only like 10!). David, sorry I no longer have a crush on you- and Jake, I don't think there is one scary thing about you so I am glad that we are all growing up and coming to some realizations in this world.

Anyway, on Sunday we celebrated Davids birthday and Brooke put on a good lil' party just like she always does. The kiddos gathered round their old Pops and we sang happy birthday in the true Reeve fashion (yelling it more than singing it) and then we ate cake. My sister was nice enough to litterally let my child dig into the yummy cake and go wild! He was loving life and we have the photos to prove it (below)! Dal and I keep laughing at something our neice Tommy said. The baby finally got the go ahead to dig into the whole cake with a spoon and a spatula and as he was digging in Tommy goes, "Oh no! Krew ruined the party!" It was so funny. She just kept shaking her head in disappointment at his behavior saying, "Krew, no, you ruined it. You ruined the party." She is a funny girl, that one. Happy birthday to you both!

You can see Tommy in all her disappointment in the background.

This mind as well be a picture of me as a baby because He is covering up his Tanner feratures with his tiny hand (that has long fingers just like his Dads) This is just what I looked like as a little person.

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