Monday, October 22, 2007

Deep Breaths

Last Tuesday Cash wasn't feeling well so I took him to the doctor. At the appointment my Dr told me that if his fever reached over 100.4 then I needed to take himto the ER immediately. As she tells me this Krew falls off of a rolling stool flat onto his face. I pick him up immediately and there is already blood all over his face- gushing out of his mouth and pouring out of his immediately swollen nose. The toughest kid I know is crying harder than I have ever seen him cry. I would categorize this as a very bad Dr's appointment.

Deep Breath.

Cash cried through the entire night. Krew joined him for 4 hours of whining and screaming. The night ended with Krew falling asleep at about 4:30 am and me taking Cash to the ER with a fever of 101.

Deep Breath.

Within ten minutes of arriving at the ER they were poking and prodding my baby. "This will move fast. There will be lots of people testing lots of things to make sure that your baby is okay. Don't be nervous", she told me. I cry as they put an IV in my babies arms and poke his spine with a needle. I cry even harder each timemy baby cries out in pain. I am sleep deprived and emotional- a bad combination.

Deep Breath.

We stay in the hospital for 3 days as they run tests on the baby. He is hooked up to an IV and they are constantly waking him and poking him and stripping him down. They are taking good care of him, but it still gets frustrating at times. Meanwhile Krew is being passed off from person to person. Grandma to Brooke, to Dad and back again. I miss him so badly, but I know where I need to be right now. All I can hear are crying babies through the vents 24 hours a day as I try to sleep on my fold out seat.

Deep Breath.

On Friday we find out that everything is okay. No meningitis, no RSV, no pnemonia, no urinary tract infection, no nothing. Just a cold virus.

Deepest of Breaths.
Prayers answered.
Hearts swollen with gratitude.

We have had to take many deep breaths throughout this past week. Breaths of fear, breaths of hope, breaths of thanks, and breaths of love for each other. Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for us and called with warm hearts. Your support was not unoticed in the midst of the havoc. We are just happy that everyone is healthy (minus coughs, colds, scrapes, and swollen noses) but those we can deal with by simply breathing.

Cash's IV
The only picture that I took to remember the dreaded occasion!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

To Die For

3 Things:

This Restaurant:
City Hall in Scottsdale. It's spendy but worth every penny and I have never had any dessert like their Butter Cake. Absolutely to die for. If you live in the valley, it is really worth going.

This Quote:
It was in this months Oprah magazine and it caught my eye so I put it on my bulletin board. I am loving it even though i think that is as far as I got in the magazine. Sorry Oprah.
“ I must learn to love the fool in me- the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool.”
Theodore I Rubin, MD

This Picture:
I know that I am biased because I am his mom, but I could just die over him. This is capturing him sleeping through his first Dbacks game.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

This is too funny. My Mom sent me this like two weeks ago and I have watched it almost every day since then. I want to learn it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meatball Loves Dapper

Here are a few things you might not know about my Hubby:

He can impersonate almost anyone in near perfection
He is the funniest person that I know
We know how to agree to disagree
His hair is truly black and his eyes are bright blue- such a perfect combination- I love it
He spoils me
Most of the time I eat more than He does, and for sure I do on dessert
He is a good singer but won't really admit it
He loves history- in another life his dream job would be to be a History college professor
He pays attention to politics
He reads the news every day
He is a bad listener- there's too much chatter going on in his head
He has a car fettish
He is the greatest Dad
He always tells me that he loves me
He thinks I am a backseat driver- I think he's a bad driver so he's probably right
He likes to give people nick names
He is very particular about all of his clothes being soft
He can admit when he is wrong
He always talks way too loudly but hardly ever yells in anger
He makes up words to songs if he doesn't know them- they always turn out funny, whitty, and they even rhyme
He could eat Mexican food for every meal
He is healthy and takes good care of himself but he also knows when to just let loose
He is increadiblly honest, loyal, and generous, all of that makes him a superb friend to have
He is a country clubber
He loves all sports
He is a good man that will raise good sons
He knows when to appologize and usually is the first one to do so
He is a mans man...
But he still has a better fashion sense than I do
He is my best friend
He is the love of my life


Today is our 4 year anneversary. Life has flown by since He has been in my life- I know it is because He makes life fun. I don't ever give him enough credit for the wonderful person that He is, all the good that He does, and the rock that He is in my life both emotionally and spiritually. I am married to a good man and that is what truly makes my life so amazingly good. And really, it's a very good life. Love you today and everday, Dap.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pumpkins and Stuff

On Monday we went to this cute Pumkin Patch that is down the street. We had so much fun. Krew tried to touch or throw every single pumpkin and he would not look at me long enough for me to get a picture of anything but the side of his head. Stimulation overload I suppose. It was so fun- we all picked our own pumpkin to carve (including a tiny one for Cash) and we took the boys on a tractor ride and we tried to coax Krew into the bounce house but he was hesitant for the first time in his entire life. There were baby chicks, sheep, and goats. It was Baby Einstein come to life.

My Mom was laughing so hard at me because for some reason I thought it would actually feel like fall here simply because we were doing a fall activity. I was sad in my realization that going to the pumpkin patch did not make fall appear. So here is why she was laughing at me- I had to meet Dal and my mom at the patch and when I packed up the kids I also packed an extra blanket for Cash who was already wearing footie PJs and a sweatshirt for Krew. I almost grabbed a thermos for hot cocoa but I was rushed so I skipped that part. When I pulled up to the pumpkin patch my car said that it was 89 degrees. I kept thinking, that must be wrong- it's fall, we are going to the pumpkin patch, its dusk, it must be colder than that. But low and behold I got out of the car and the temperature gage had not lied, it was in fact 89 degrees. There was no need for sweatshirts, or blankets or any type of hot beverage.

Despite the lack of fall in the air, and Dal being a bit of a girly man and leaving before we went on the tractor ride due to his allergy to hay, we had fun at the pumpkin patch. And if this is as close to fall as I can get, I'll take it. There was still that fall feeling in the air, even if the air was 89 degrees!

The Fam

The Pumpkin Peddler

Grammie & Krew on the tractor ride. I love how he is holding on to her... He loves his Grammie so much!

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Life These Days

Days and nights melt together. There is a lot of pooping going on. Two sweet boys give me lots of love. The bags under my eyes are actually making my eye balls hurt. I went to Bunko and got a prize for losing the most... very typical of my luck. At least I got a prize! I would starve if it weren't for my Mom. I am finding out what a joy it is to have an angel baby- #1 was SOOO much harder. Bathing, cleaning, paying bills, teething, growing like weeds, turning less yellow (Cash has jaundice), taking an hour to get things together enough to get out of the house, wishing I could go outside more to enjoy the shift in weather... are all daily happenings. Getting a bit stir crazy. Trying to learn words (sooner rather than later, please!). Pumpkin delights. Halloween decorations are making the fall feel more apparent ( we kind of skip that whole seaon in AZ).

There is not very much happening, and at the same time- there is so much happening that I need to be getting things done instead of napping the way I would like to! But I am going to ignore all that stuff and take a nap anyway as soon as I am done posting this. Here are some pictures of life these days...

Krewser is finding new ways to keep himself busy.

This is how he escapes from the house! In and out all day long...

Here is Lil Dap looking a bit yellow but Oh, so handsome!

Mr independant taking out the garbage. This killed me because he is actually carrying one of those little garbage bags that you put in your bathroom garbage but it looks normal sized on him. I was laughing so hard watching him do this!

Realizing that taking out the garbage is hard work!

A very tired Mommy taking her first picture with her new boy (isn't that totally depressing? I downloaded all my pics only to realize I did not have any pictures of me and my son together yet! Minus the gross ones from point two seconds after he emerged from my belly. So I ran and took one right away!)

This may be disturbing and gross to some of you, but I thought it was hillarious. Krew escaped from the bath and went to play outside. I, being exhausted just let him stay out there for a while till I was ready to take on the battle of the PJs. When I finally went to grab him and get a diaper on him, his bum was dirty and I realized he had pooped somewhere. This is where I found it. I laughed so hard that I drooled all over the ground outside. (that bit of gross info is for my siblings... I'm sure you will love that part of the story!)

Kisses from my boy- he was feeling a little left out that I was only taking pictures with Cash.

What we lovingly refer to as "The Sausage" or, "The Poop Log". Folks, this is only TWO DAYS of dirty diapers from my kids. Wow.

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