Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby Boys

I put this on so you can see Cash's classic sneeze. Every time he sneezes he yells first. Sometimes he yells so loud that he looses the sneeze! It is so funny. He has done it since the day he was born and I hope he does it until he is an old man!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dancing Elves

This is the funniest video of Krew. I don't know if any of you got elfed this Christmas, but it was pretty funny. Our friends sent us our pictures on dancing elf bodies and Krew seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever! He danced, and danced, and danced until he got so hot that he wanted to keep dancing, but in the buck! He still points at the computer because he wants to dance with it again. I had to go through like 10 videos and debate which one to put on because all of them had their own outstanding moment... my favorite was the one that he is half undressed in and he ends the whole show with a screaming sommersault (spelling?). Incredibly funny... but it was really dark so I went with this one instead. He moves so fast that the camera can't even stay focused on him! We have since retired the dancing elves and (hopefully!) started to move on!

Merry Merry

So things are crazy these days but I wanted to give you these little updates. So here are pictures of my boys all dressed up for church in their Christmas attire. Who says that boys aren't fun to dress?? These pictures don't even do justice. I couldn't get enough of them in their little tiny man- wear!

The Fam

Handsome little fatty

The happiest picture we could get of our tired boy!

And Cash in his bumbo! Hooray!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Choppin' (UH!) Broccoli!

That title is for my siblings, who will know just what I mean and exactly how to say that phrase! Anyway, I did the "I just had a baby" thing and I chopped off my hair. I LOVE it, it feels so wonderful to have it be healthy and short... it has been so long since I cut it short. (Hubby prefers it long... he is yet to even know that I cut it as I post this now!)

Thank you to my hair stylists most lovely assistant- Mrs Allison Reber Judd- whom I love dearly. Thank you for scrubbing my head so wonderfully (felt so good!), and for blowing my hair dry, and for baby sitting in the midst of it all!

And another huge thank you to my brother in law Rocky who baby sat Krew for me so I could actually enjoy my appointment! He took him out to lunch and bought him his own little meal and everything, isn't that cute?

I am thinking next time I may even go a little bit shorter- I guess I'll have to see if it is manageable in babyland first! I may want to curse myself for cutting the bangs (as long as they may be) in the next couple of weeks...




Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Picture Book

Here is our life in pictures because I don't really have time to write. Me time is very limited these days!!

Thanksgiving was spent in Hawaii with the entire Tanner Family. All Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and babies of cousins were there. A serious thanks to Grandma Hazel and Keith. We had so much fun! Hawaii is not quite the same when you have two babies... it was less of a "vacation" and more of a "trip". Despite my lack of tan lines, and Dallas's lack of putts made on the golf course- we were happy just to be together.

Krew loved the beach

So did Cash!

My Boys

The Whole Fam at a Luau

The flight home was terrifying and the time change has been hard on everybody. We have been spending as much time as possible in bed since then...


Hope that your holidays are happy and bright! We are loving this time of the year, not to mention the wonderful shift in weather! Life has been so busy, but that means that it is happy too.

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