Saturday, January 12, 2008

Looking Forward

A couple of things we are looking forward to in the new year:

A new blog- Dallas says that if I make a new "cool blog" with music and cool colors then he would be more likely to make a guest appearance here and there. I like the prospect of funny blog entries from my very funny husband, so I am thinking that this will work out. We'll see... I will let you know when it is up and running.

A big move- Well not that big. We are only moving like 5 miles. None the less I am incredibly excited to purge of all things old and start fresh and new. I am giving things away like crazy. Come to my house and you can receive free things almost daily... Plus the new house will just be new and shiny and spit up free (well at least for a little while) and that just feels SO good to just think about!

No Pregnancies- With any luck there will be no surprises this year. Don't get me wrong- the little people make the world worth living in, they are truly the best thing ever, but my body needs a break and I need to catch up on sleep. Instead I will be hoping for new babies coming from a couple of girls that I love (you know who you are...) Get workin' ladies!

Picking up a book- I have been on a reading hiatus because when I try to read I simply fall asleep. This year I am looking forward to picking up a few books from my ever growing pile of "Books to Read" and finishing a few. I am starting with A Thousand Splendid Suns, and then I think I will move on to The Faeries of Dreamdark.

Chick Flicks- There are a lot of good ones coming out- I intend to see them all!

Camera Tricks- The hubs got me a great camera for Christmas. I am hoping to really learn to use my camera (I will probably bug Britt to death in the meantime) and maybe I can grace you with a little beauty every once in a while.

Growing- There will be lots of growing going on a round here. The boys will keep growing, and they are the most fun to watch grow. And with any luck, or more likely some dedication, hopefully Dallas and I can grow as parents, followers of the Lord, lovers, and friends.

To the new...

Our future destination: